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New York City Subway Map - with streets and top 20 attractions in nyc
Our flash based New York Subway map below contains the June 2010 route and schedule changes made by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York (MTA) including the removal of the W line and the addition of the M line. Flash viewer is required.

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This Subway Map includes the top 20 points of interest and attractions including:
1 Bryant Park
2 Central Park
3 Columbia University
4 City Hall
5 Grand Central Station
6 Hunter College
7 Jacob Javits Center
8 JFK Airport
9 La Guardia Airport
10 Lincoln Center
11 Metropolitan Museum of Art
12 Penn Station
13 Port Authority Bus Terminal
14 Rockefeller Center
15 Statue of Liberty
16 Times Square
17 United Nations
18 Wall St Financial Area
19 World Trade Center
20 Yankee Stadium

This New York subway map depicts the subway map system and station information, street names, major tourist attractions, railroad stations, bridges and tunnels, green open spaces, neighborhood names, ferry ports, airports and subway station disabled access.
Street direction is not indicated on the map, so extra caution should be used if using this map for driving as most streets in NYC are one-way.

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