New York Subway -

New York Subway Route and Trip Planners

Below are our favorite web based and mobile apps that will allow you to plan your route in and around the New York Subway system. Web based tools are free. Some of the mobile applications have a cost associated with them.
Each of the products help provide directions and a trip planner for your trip on the New York Subway.

Web Based New York Subway Navigation Tools - TRip planner and directions

MTA Trip Planner
The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has produced a text based trip planner interface that allows you to navigate between locations in New York City, forms of travel that it will take into consideration are bus, subway and walking - you can fine tune how much walking that you can do.
NYRoute has a nifty NYC Subway route planner that uses google (They call it an interactive transit map) that allows you to click on the start and destination on the google map and it figures out the best route using the New York Subway system.
Its another system that's not entirely accurate - so you have to take the information with a pinch of salt.

Uses a handy address to address route planner to guide you thru the New York Subway system.
Much like a satellite navigator, but you need to take the directions with a grain of salt.

Mobile navigation APPS for the New York Subway
Navigation Tools and trip Planners for your PDA/Phone/iphone etc.

Visual IT
VisualIT has many New York Subway maps available for different mobile devices including iPod and iPhone
They also have New York Subway graphical route planners for the Pocket PC, Smartphone, Palm OS and Symbian mobile devices.