Where Can You Buy Metrocards?

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You can buy Metrocards from the following locations:

  • Metrocard vending machines located at most New York Subway stations.
    These machines accept credit cards and ATM/debit cards.
  • Manned ticket booths are located in some prime New York Subway stations allow you to buy Metrocards. Station booth agents accept cash only and sell all cards except single-ride tickets.
  • Retail and convince stores located close to subway stations. Many merchants in the New York City metropolitan area sell Metrocards
  • The New York Transit Museum located in the Grand Central Terminal is another location that has a full inventory of Metrocards
  • All Downtown MTA offices and locations
  • The Metrocard bus and van ticket sales allow you to buy Metrocards. The bus and van drives around NYC throughout the week and the schedule can be found here Metrocard Bus and Van Schedule

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Before you buy Metrocards from any location please be sure that they are coming from a reputable source and are still sealed in their original wrapper. If not, they may be part of a scam. If the Metrocard is out of the wrapper, it may still be OK, but it is wise to run any new Metrocard through an official Metrocard MTA machine located in every subway station to discover the amount of credit left on it. It is also wise to read the expiration dates before you actually buy Metrocards, although the MTA recently allowed expired Metrocards to roll over to a new card, instead of having to send them into the MTA for a refund. It is not recommended to buy unlimited Metrocards from questionable sources, as these often do not belong to the seller and may be cancelled by the original owner when they get a replacement card. The MTA states that it is a crime to purchase Metrocards from an unauthorized source, but they have never prosecuted anyone for this charge.