Parking at JFK Airport

Parking at JFK Airport
Parking at JFK Airport

Parking at JFK Airport in NYC can be quite a hassle. Part of the problem is that JFK Airport is not conveniently located for anyone to drive to, especially from Manhattan or NJ, with the 20 mile drive from Midtown Manhattan taking over 2 hours on a Friday afternoon. JFK is much better located for people coming from Long Island, but it can still be a hassle to find parking at JFK. Ideally travelers should ditch the car entirely and take public transportation, but is you still want to do it, lets take a closer look at parking at JFK.

Short-Term Parking lots For Parking at JFK airport

There are currently six daily and short-term parking lots operating at JFK at each of terminals.

Short-Term Parking Lot Locations:

  • Terminal 1 and 2 – Green Parking Lot
  • Terminal 3 – CLOSED
  • Terminal 4 – Blue Lot
  • Terminal 5 – Yellow Lot
  • Terminal 6 – CLOSED
  • Terminal 7 – Orange Lot
  • Terminal 8 – Red Lot
  • Terminal 9 – CLOSED
  • Terminal 10 – Scheduled to open 2025

Short-Term Parking Lot Rates:

  • 1/2 hour – $4
  • 1 hour – $8
  • Each additional 1/2 hr or part thereof – $4*
  • 24 hours maximum – $33
  • *Rates are charged every half an hour until reach the maximum per day.

Long-Term Parking Lot at JFK

The long term parking lot at JFK is located Lot 9 at Lefferts Boulevard. This parking lot has easy access to the AirTrain to reach each terminal, but it still takes over 20 minutes to get to most of the terminals, so plan ahead if you intend to find parking at JFK. There is staff at this parking lot, but they aren’t the most friendly bunch and do not expect them to call the police if someone is breaking into your car. $20 a day buys you a parking spot at JFK but it  doesn’t buy you any security.

The Rates for Long Term Parking:

  • First 24 hours – $18
  • Over 24 hours, each 8 hours period/part thereof – $6*
  • Each Day Thereafter – $18

Parking lot security at JFKSecurity at JFK Parking Lots

JFK is a very secure airport, but the short-term and long-term parking lots are notorious for trouble. Many a Lexus owner has returned to their vehicle to find that their drivers window is smashed and the LED front and rear lights have been stolen. There have also been many cases of arson in the parking lots at JFK and travelers are advised to not leave their best vehicle at these parking lots for extended amounts of time as thieves can pick them of parts clean and then torch them. Personal security at JFK is no better or worse then other airports, but travelers should still be aware that this is JFK and often a destination for career criminals.

Off Airport Campus Parking

There are a number of parking lots that are off campus at JFK Airport, but these may be slightly less cost and a lot safer for your car, but they come with a number of downsides for parking at JFK Airport. The cost per day for off-airport campus parking is about $17, not much of a saving, but you still have to tip the valet, so any savings are lost. You also have to wait for a ride to the airport and often you have to get an Uber to take you to the airport instead, so it may be in excess of 30 minutes and additional cost, so plan ahead and make some good decisions.